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Stylish Plates & Bowls

If you are looking for quality tableware which is not only practical, durable and stylish, then you are in the right place!  


Frank & Pig are very proud to be stockists of handmade, Portuguese ceramics from Egg Back Home. 

Egg Back Home make each and every single item in fair and sustainable conditions with the environment in mind.  Low processing potteries source raw and local materials to produce platters, plates, bowls and mugs for you with expertise and stunning craftsmanship – made by real people!

Be ready for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner parties and dining al fresco with our ever changing tableware ranges.    From handmade totally unique sets (not on Amazon) to gorgeous salad bowls, cake stands, platters and pitchers with a splash of colour and individuality - we hope you find what you are looking for.   


The vast majority of our tableware is dishwasher and microwave safe - an essential with today's busy lifestyles.   Impress your friends and family with our ceramic sets, side plates and one off handmade items - they all create an effortless, breezy, sophisticated style.   


All that is required is good company and food! 

Stir Fry Beef Noodles
Large Barbie Pink Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowl

We love bowls at Frank & Pig - but why?!


There is an expression that says "people eat with their eyes first" and this really proves to be true with the food bowl trend.   


Team Frank & Pig have a serious bowl addiction, not only are bowls beautiful, easy to store and convenient to eat from - you really can create some amazing bowl dishes as are seen all over social media platforms and food photography is easy and trending all over the world.  

A complete, balanced meal in a single bowl – that’s the idea behind the food bowl trend.  The ingredients used can vary, usually consisting of nutritious classics, popular super foods and foods unique to dietary choices and food intolerances.  Aside from being adaptable and including everything you may need for a filling meal, food bowls are known to please the eye.   From Rice Bowls to Noodle Bowls, Buddha bowls, Power Bowls, Burrito Bowls, Smoothie Bowls and good old Soup Bowls - we keep adding bowls to our range and hope you find the bowl for your very own bowl addiction! 

Mugs and Bowls

Get to Know Egg Back Home

Egg Back Home is for all those who feel happiness in the small memories, in the finer detail, in taking time for a slower breakfast, in the care when receiving those we love.  When you buy ceramics made by Egg Back Home, you are buying a service made with immense care, dedication and hard work from a fantastic team, because alone I could never have made it this far.


Best Regards,

Tami Pizzetti

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