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Elegant Fireside Accessories, Log Baskets, Tools and Storage

Transform your home into a cosy haven with our premium Fireside Accessories hand selected by Frank & Pig. Our luxurious iron fireside companion sets in a variety of finishes and styles along with robust log and kindling baskets will keep your fireside warm and stylish during the cold winter nights.

For a rustic feel, simply introduce a wicker log basket or a leaf shaped indoor log store, or, for a touch of opulence, try our faux leather log baskets available in classic black or country tan.  Our Fireside range has an array of pieces to suit all decor styles to ensure you can easily create the perfect fireside ambiance for your home! 

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Fireside Accessories Explained

Why Do I Need Fireside  Tools Or Accessories? 

Fireside tools and accessories are essential for several reasons, enhancing both the functionality and safety of using a fireplace. Here are the key reasons why you need them:

  • Tools like fire screens and guards help to prevent sparks and embers from escaping your fireplace.

  • Our fireside companion sets include pokers, tongs and shovels which allow you to safely handle burning logs and hot ashes, minimising the risk of burns.

  • Log holders and baskets facilitate easy transport and storage of firewood & kindling, ensuring you always have a supply ready to keep the fire going.


Common Fireside Tools, Accessories & What They Do

  • Poker: Used to move and adjust logs

  • Tongs: For safely picking up and repositioning burning logs

  • Shovel: For scooping out ash and debris

  • Brush: To sweep up ashes and keeps your hearth clean

  • Log Holder or Log Basket: For storing and organising firewood

  • Fire Screen: To protect the surrounding area from sparks and embers.

All that's left once you have your log burner or open fire in place and have your logs stored and ready is to sit back, relax and enjoy the cosy evenings! 

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