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Exquisite Home Accessories

It's the little things that matter in life and it's no different when it comes to your home and interior spaces.   We should surround ourselves with objects that are pleasing to the eye and lift our spirits! 


From candleholders and tealights to cast a relaxing glow, attractive vases to display your fresh bouquets, clocks for your desk or side tables, accent pieces for a coffee table, bookends and wall hangings to brighten a blank wall, Frank & Pig believe we should all buy less but buy better.     


Whether you love bright colours, natural textures and subdued colour schemes, decadent gold finishes or a country rustic feel, we are constantly sourcing new items for you to adorn and dress your rooms with love that will stand the test of time.

    Dry Plants

    Home décor is the art of making our home decoration look good and for many, it is a minefield and many of us just don't know where to start!   Home décor items do not necessarily have to have a practical purpose.   The appearance of an item is what makes it part of your home décor.  It might be useful in a practical sense, but it’s not totally necessary.  For example, a wall hanging that was chosen for its appearance is home décor. 

    ​The way to choose your home decor is to think about a theme or scheme you like.  This is one of the most common ways of decorating and dressing your interior spaces. You start with an idea, generally related to a topic, hobby, or theme.  Perhaps you love spending your holidays on the beach or near the coast.  You might choose to decorate your bathroom or bedroom with a nautical, natural theme.   A blue and white colour combination mixed in with natural-coloured throws and rattan baskets add a more contemporary vibe.  ​

    It is primarily important to choose a colour scheme you like and add accessories and textures that all tie in.  The overall look will be well thought out and interesting on the eye.  You might choose a rich, deep green and a soft cream as basic colours for your bedroom and then dress with plants, table lamps, wall art and accessories that match these colours or complement them.

    Another option for home décor is to choose a particular era or an established style. Perhaps instead of focusing on a theme or a colour, you simply love the Art Deco style of interior decorating or have a minimalist style.  It’s perfectly fine to use the basis of home décor around something like this as well. 

    Most of all you should love what you choose and follow your heart - you will have to live with it – spend it well and good quality items will last you a lifetime!

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