Mugs, Cups & Glassware

We love a strong cup of tea or coffee at Frank & Pig and we have sourced a unique range of artisan crafted and kiln glazed mugs and cups from around the world. 


Perfect for your morning brew, we do not underestimate how important your morning cup of tea or coffee is!  

We bring you mugs with a difference and they make a great talking point!  Elegant and earthy tones combined with wooden handles create not only an amazing coffee cup but an extraordinary display of artwork.  Our mugs are perfect for daily use and also make the perfect gift item to be collected and treasured for years to come. 

Drinking loose leaf tea has grown in popularity due to increased publicity of plastic in our commercial tea bags and we are fully in support of more natural ingredients and less plastic.  Check out our infuser cups made especially for loose leaf tea or slow coffee.   Make your tea or coffee drinking experience a special one with Frank & Pig.