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Handmade Ceramic Mugs & Stoneware

We love a strong cup of tea or coffee at Frank & Pig and we have sourced a unique range of artisan crafted, kiln glazed mugs and cups from around the world. 

Perfect for your morning brew, we do not underestimate how important your morning cup of tea or coffee is to set the tone for your day and to take five minutes.   Egg Back Home bring us handmade mugs and cups - each one made by a real person and from a low processing pottery in Portugal.   Amazing colours and shapes that are so comfortable to hold, you won't need an excuse to pop the kettle on!

We bring you mugs with a difference and they make a great talking point!  Elegant and earthy tones combined with wooden handles create not only an amazing coffee cup but an extraordinary display of artwork.  Our mugs are perfect for daily use and also make the perfect gift item to be collected and treasured for years to come. 

Drinking loose leaf tea has grown in popularity due to increased publicity of plastic in our commercial tea bags and we are fully in support of more natural ingredients and less plastic.  Check out our infuser cups made especially for loose leaf tea or slow coffee.   Make your tea or coffee drinking experience a special one with Frank & Pig.  

Drinking Coffee

Hand Made Ceramic Mugs

For team Frank & Pig, a mug of coffee gets us going in the morning and keeps us going after a long day, and we find it's best drunk from a handmade ceramic mug.  Our range of ceramic and stoneware mugs are designed and crafted with you in mind.  From traditional coffee mugs through to ceramic infuser mugs with lids, teapots and cups and saucers, we have you covered!

Coffee brings us together with friends and family and makes many a work morning, meeting  or social catch up more enjoyable.  Whether you like your coffee black, strong, iced, piping hot with a dash of sugar, or something fancy, coffee has also brought friendships and relationships together.  There is also evidence that coffee can boost our physical performance and may reduce our risk of depression so team Frank & Pig will continue to keep making our favourite brew!  

If you are looking for unique artisan made pottery mugs, then look no further.  From handmade ceramic mugs with rustic wooden handles to organic pottery mugs in an array of colours, we are sure you will find a vessel to drink your favourite brew from.  Our range of tea and coffee cups is ever changing so if you wish to keep up to date with our new products and special offers, make sure you subscribe to the Frank & Pig newsletter.

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