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Serveware & Ceramic Bowls

If you love to cook, eat and entertain with friends and family, then you will love our range of serveware along with a great selection of plain and patterned handmade ceramic bowls.  From dip bowls, salad bowls, cheeseboards, trays, bread boards and pitchers - we are always adding to our range to ensure our customers have high quality and durable serveware to last for years! 

We are also fanatical about bowls at Frank & Pig - they really are so versatile - you can eat anything from a bowl!   Eating with just a fork and eating from a bowl is easy and comforting: you can eat from a table, sofa, standing in the kitchen or at your desk.  It's not messy and a bowl is comforting and easy to hold.  

We have enjoyed sourcing handmade bowls and serveware from around the globe.  Our olive wood boards are sustainably sourced from the Mediterranean and made to last and also make thoughtful gifts.   We love the ever changing limited edition and handmade ceramics from Egg Back Home.  Beautiful bowls for eating and also for serving dips, bread, snacks, fruit and dipping oils.   All made in limited quantities in a low processing pottery in Portugal with the environment in mind - a pleasure to use and of exceptional quality. 

We hope you enjoy using our serveware at your table as much as we do! 

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