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Winter Socks

Premium Quality Log Stores & Bin Stores

"You know exactly where you are with a woodpile. Its share price doesn't fall on the stock market. It won't rust. It won't sue for divorce. It just stands there and does one thing: It waits for winter. An investment account reminding you of all the hard work you've put into it. On bitterly cold January mornings it will bring back memories of those spring days when you sawed, split and stacked as you worked to ensure yourself against the cold."

Lars Mytting
From the book "Norwegian Wood: The guide to chopping, stacking and drying wood the Scandinavian way"


A country home is never complete without a pile of logs and kindling.  Our range of handmade, robust, quality and beautifully attractive log stores; complete with reclaimed salvaged roof tiles are a stylish way to keep your logs easily accessible, dry, clean and tidy!

Each log store comes complete with a ten year guarantee.  Delivery and installation is included by a professional and friendly team.  All you will need to do is prepare the space!  A flat, solid base is required due to the weight of the stores and the weight of the logs that will be kept in them.  We recommend an ideal base of either concrete, timber decking, flag stones or pavers.  

If you cannot find quite the right size log store for you, we offer a bespoke service at no extra cost.  Just send us your dimensions required and we will do the rest!

To accompany your log pile we also have a range of log, kindling baskets and fireside accessories to create a one stop shop to keep your fireside tidy, organised and to ensure you have everything to hand for those chilly evenings.  

Why choose a log store with slate roof?

The key reason for purchasing a log store is, as the name suggests, to store your logs. If your firewood becomes damp, it will cause damage to your wood burning stove and chimney liner, damp logs can increase the risk of a chimney fire and put you in danger of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. So it is essential that wherever you store your logs they stay dry - ideally below a 20% moisture level.  Our log stores are designed to protect your wood from the elements. The reclaimed slate tiles on our log stores keep the rain off, whilst allowing the wind to circulate around the logs in order to dry them out. 

A log store should withstand all weather conditions from sunlight to frost.  The timber used on our stores is tanilised pressure treated against fungal attack and rot, therefore we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our Log Stores.  The slate roofs on our log stores come from a variety of sources, reclaimed where possible from slate roof houses and reused for roofing over your wood. One thing is for sure, these materials have been made to last!

When temperatures drop below freezing and the nights get darker, it’s the perfect time to relax by the fire in your home. Whether you are loading firewood into your wood burning stove, or sitting by an open fire and curling up on the sofa, dry logs are a must!


Spending luxury time cosy and warm next to the fire is something we often take for granted, but it can turn into a nightmare if your firewood is not ready to burn.   Here at Frank & Pig, we have the perfect solution to make sure you never have to worry about your firewood! To ensure you have the perfect logs for the perfect night in, all you need to do is purchase a log store and, with three easy payment options available, it's simple!


Our log stores are delivered by our in house installers, it will need a prepared flat base and maybe a couple of cups of tea to ensure the perfect assembly.  We adhere to values of producing beautiful, solid stores at an affordable price.

Log stores are very practical, but that's not all they need to be. Our log stores have been designed to look great as an addition to your outdoor space.  We love the Scandinavian look of stacked logs. This with our lovely log stores creates a nice feature on whatever wall it stands against.

Available in a variety of sizes at Frank & Pig we understand that everyone has different requirements for their firewood, everybody uses a different amount of logs throughout the year, whether its a night time cosy stove or a house warming work horse our log stores come in a variety of sizes.   Our smaller Edie Log Store can hold a small load along with wellie boots for the family, while our larger Bertie Log Store holds approximately hold approximately two tonnes of logs .  We have a log store to suit everybody’s garden space!

Bin & Recycling Box Storage

Introducing our handmade wooden bin stores, perfect for storing your black bins, brown bins, recycling boxes and household waste. Our bin stores are made with tanilised wood and feature a stylish reclaimed slate roof, this storage solution is both practical and attractive. Keep your outdoor space tidy and organised with our high-quality bin stores.

A bin store should be able to withstand weather conditions from sunlight through to frost. The timber used on our stores is tanilised pressure treated against fungal attack and rot, therefore we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our Bin Stores.  We know that these materials have been made to last.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our outdoor bin and recycling storage units will make a stylish addition to any garden, front or rear, or even in the side return of your home. Hiding your waste, whether from neighbours, passers by, or even from animals, is easily achieved with a stylish bin storage cabinet from Frank & Pig. Keep your household waste safe from animals by stacking it away safely in a wooden bin store, available with or without shelves for recycling boxes. Seagulls, crows, pigeons, badgers, foxes, rats and mice love waste, so make their lives trickier and save having your rubbish strewn across the lawn with secure storage for your bins, recycle boxes and brown green waste bins.

Custom Bin & Log Store Storage Solutions

If you can't find the right size log store, unit shape combination or log store design for you, we also offer a bespoke design option for custom bin stores and custom log stores.  Just send us your requirements by email (e.g. dimensions and amendments to existing styles required) and we will get in touch to let you know how much your log store will cost and how long it will take to build. Email us at now for custom bin and log store options.

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