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One of the reasons we love working with wood at Frank & Pig is that it continues to be a living, breathing piece, even when it’s in your home. This means it will continue to respond to its environment, just as it would in nature.  

Every table and bench is handmade with local, reclaimed and salvaged pine.  In order to keep it looking at its best, it is important to maintain it and with the right care, our reclaimed furniture will get better with age and be part of your home for generations to come.

As our wood furniture settles into your home, don’t be surprised to see some movement as it relaxes into its new environment. This is nothing to worry about and not a fault in the furniture. It’s the woods natural response and part of its wonderful character, it will want to move, expand and contract over time and humidity and heat is one of the elements that affect it the most. 

Remove Stains from Reclaimed Wood

To add moisture, nourishment and love to your new furniture, we supply a small pot of beeswax polish to get you going. Please apply this or some wax to any cracks that do appear. The crack will absorb the wax and settle down into its new environment.  It will be necessary to apply more beeswax polish at least once a month.

It is also natural for there to be a slight colour variation with initial use or cleaning. Again, this is perfectly natural. Our handmade tables and benches are treated with a wax stain to even the finish and any visual change will lessen over time.

Here are a few useful tips and recommendations on the best way to protect it from stains, scratches, watermarks and coffee cup rings. 

Cleaning Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When it comes to cleaning your furniture the important thing to remember is never to use any products containing silicone or solvents like stain removers, turpentine or white spirit, as they can interfere with the surface of the wood.  

We also recommend you take extra care when using cleaning products containing bleaching additives, such as lemon. 

The best way to clean the tops is to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment every now and then to remove dust and other small bits of dirt or food. Avoid using furniture polish. You don’t need it and it leaves a residue that accumulates over time, which ironically attracts more dirt. We suggest simply wiping the item clean with a soft, dry cloth to remove crumbs and dirt.  

Removing Stains from Wood

As a rule of thumb, clean any spills or stains as quickly as possible. Don’t rub the spill, instead, dab it gently with a paper towel or an absorbing cloth. Take care to clean the whole item rather than small areas each time, as this will prevent patches of discolouration. 

The best way to remove a stain is with water and if necessary, a mild natural soap, do not use any abrasive cleaning products. 

How to get rid of coffee stains on wooden tables

The Golden Rules of Reclaimed Furniture

  • Always use placemats and coasters under plates, cups and glasses whether hot or cold.  

  • Avoid placing pots of house plants on the top surfaces as it will allow moisture to ingress into the wood. 

  • Do not place your furniture near direct heat sources such as radiators, air conditioning units or open fires.  

  • Consider where you position your furniture. Sunlight can cause fading, so if it’s in a sunny spot, regularly rotate to ensure an even fade or wax regularly and use a tablecloth.  

  • We would not recommend placing your table in a conservatory under lots of direct sunlight but if you do, polish with beeswax regularly and apply a tablecloth to protect it from sun damage.

Looking after reclaimed wood furniture tips

All the above also applies to our reclaimed wood benches. 

It is important to say that understandably Frank & Pig cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from the reclaimed table or bench not being cared for appropriately, and we cannot be held responsible remedying an issue caused by not giving it the love it deserves. 

We would also ask that in the event of their being an issue with your reclaimed product that you contact us within 3 days of delivery so that we can take any appropriate action.  

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