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Candles & Candle Holders

Light up your life with our selection of romantic and stylish candles and candle holders.

When night falls, but you aren’t quite ready for bed, candlelight provides the perfect ambiance to brighten up and add some much needed comfort and cosiness to your evenings.  Enhance the soft glowing light of any candle flame with our wax melters, oil burners, candle holders, tea light holders and lanterns.

Our wax melters and oil burners are simple and classic in design and are perfect for any room decor.  Wax melts are long lasting, enjoyable to use and a perfect way to enjoy a range of scents in your home depending on your mood and what you need.  Wax melters are used to heat up wax cubes to release their scent.  Place one of our stylish wax melters in a bathroom whilst taking a well earned soak; light a candle and add your favourite wax melt scent or essential oil, then simply sit back and relax! 

We have something to suit all tastes and decors whether your prefer a chic French inspired style, vintage and shabby chic to more elegant, traditional and classic designs; indoors or out, from candle lanterns to small glass candle holders and everything in between.

Our pretty glass tea light holders decorate a table beautifully and add a touch of class to any dinner party or social gathering.  Our sweet little tea light holders are perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance.  

Whatever your need for candle holders, we hope you find what you are looking for at Frank & Pig.  

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