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Add a nostalgic and traditional feel when serving your favourite tea, coffee and other beverages with our gorgeous Colourful Enamel Belly Mugs.    Available in a choice of attractive colours: grey, cream, black, navy, rusty red, pink or yellow.   


Made with outdoor adventures in mind as they are exceptionally light, easy to clean, hardwearing and durable, yet they do not look out of place in any kitchen.   Enamelware is food safe too so you can enjoy your drink without the risk of contamination.   Enamel is food safe as it is naturally non-stick and highly resistant to rust.   Enamel mugs are great for the outdoors due to their lightweight, shatter resistant, and versatile qualities providing you with a true camping experience.


With striking colours and a beautiful quality our enamel mugs are perfect for those camping trips in a caravan or motorhome, camping, walking and hiking, outdoors in the garden and equally at home in your kitchen.  


An excellent advantage of these Enamel Belly Mugs are that they are shatterproof.  Kids are prone to dropping things, and many adults are too!  If enamel is dropped, there is a possibility it could chip, but it won't ever shatter making them long-lastting and hard to break.  


Enamel is also very easy to clean.  They are dishwasher safe, so no scrubbing or soaking is required, simply pop your items in the dishwasher and let the machine take care of the work. You can also remove tough stains by using lemon juice.


Capacity: 375 ml 

Diameter: 8 cm 
Width (inc. Handle): 11.5 cm 
Height: 9 cm


Dishwasher safe.  

Not microwave safe. 


Colourful Enamel Belly Mug

£7.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price